BOBRISKY: Complete History, State Of Beginning, Net-worth And Throwback Images Of Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju A.K.A Bobrisky


This has been a popular matter throughout the areas up until now, whether Bobrisky try a gay or otherwise not. No actually(cos we haven't viewed your with any homosexual acts apart from lightening, and trying to behave like women), but from the thing that was gathered, Bobrisky when boasted he could be a gay(full tips below).


Bobrisky might to your many tending Nigeria Snapchat king who usually derives many vista on his Snapchat clips went to Unilag(University Of Lagos) in which the guy analyzed bookkeeping.


Yeah! Bobrisky was presented on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, considerably reasons for having him was not revealed a great deal around.

PERFORM Biography, History, Group, Condition Of Beginning, Delivery And Throwback Photo Of Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju A.K.A Bobrisky

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju A.K.A Bobrisky try a popular Snapchat barbie/personel born in 1992 in Ebute Metta, Lagos in which he went to secondary college at Kingaˆ™s school and graduated from Lagos county University(UNILAG) where the guy studied accounting.

Bobrisky features a very wealthy Muslim background, wherefore their mothers become dedicated Muslims just who never ever jokes using their praying hours(5 occasions in a day). Unlike his mother, Bobrisky prefer to get a Christian, mentioning tension as their reason for neglecting their parentaˆ™s faith. Although, we canaˆ™t evaluate exactly how intimate he's with religion while we couldnaˆ™t obtain the title of the chapel he attends because the guy stored that through the media.

Ahead of their skin change, the Snapchat celebrityaˆ™s epidermis color is in the same way dark because so many Nigerians until the guy out of the blue transforms snow-white aˆ“ kudos to his bleaching cream expertise. Per him, it had been a business plan. This step right away drive your inside limelight via social networking in which he earned both haters and admirers likewise. Bobrisky is a businessman from Ogun county, exactly who now lives in Lekki, Lagos. The guy offers on lightening lotion and plans to feel a big competitors of Dencia Whitenicious. He doesn't care about the rumours about their sexuality or spend time firing back at critics and once uploaded on his Facebook page that as much as he is checking his millions in addition to assisting everyone, paying their tithes on the Lord, he or she is totally great. Definitely, everyone else thinks he or she is homosexual while he continues to mention their mysterious sweetheart that has been their mentor. Bobrisky might popular on Snapchat for period today and has absolutely nothing less than 22,000 horizon each and every day, specially with his fans usually planning to determine whom the bae was. His puzzle bae, who he says are Africaaˆ™s fourth wealthiest people, apparently offered him N7 million and a Benz. The girly man submitted images of this revenue after cashing it from the bank. The puzzle bae in addition intentions to have Bobrisky a house near to Linda Ikeji at Banana Island. Exactly what a bae! Bobrisky try well-known as a fashionista, which likes to chat dirty and posting smutty types things, however, his followers like him the same. Of course, Bobrisky is in his mid-twenties and obviously homosexual.

Most think heaˆ™s have what is needed to give Bisi Alimi aˆ“ a popular Nigerian gay rights activist aˆ“ a run for his cash, caused by their charming build and complexion.

He became identified by are extremely debatable on social media. Bobrisky surely could collect visitors to their Snapchat profile when he said he previously a partner that is mydirtyhobby believed is of male gender despite the Nigerian constitution at that point eventually which generated such same sex connections an offence punishable by providing 14 age in a penitentiary.

Bobrisky, by advantage of his character introduced inside Nigerian culture some ethics and morals which are not aimed together with the Norm (personal) of country Nigeria as thus, he has been got with blended ideas as he has actually a fair amount of enthusiasts and critics as well. On a notable event, a Nigerian presidential guide for grounds most commonly known to him, wandered from look of Bobrisky within abode. Bobrisky but as previously mentioned above really does without a doubt have actually his fair share of fans and so, might questioned by some show planners in the future give a speech at their particular activities.